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Immediately after purchasing an investment property to rent out on Airbnb, we began looking for an interior designer. After a detailed review of the work of a dozen Sofia interior studios, we settled on Momi studio. The choice was rather easy, as the work of Momi studio was undoubtedly the most interesting and outstanding, and the attitude warm and personal, as if they were working on their own, personal project. The project was a challenge because of the small rooms with irregular shapes, as well as because it was the first such experience for ourselves. Despite the difficulties, Momi studio managed to unmistakably capture our understanding of a unique interior. As for the functional solutions - there they unfolded their true potential, utilizing the space in the most optimal way. We are more than happy and proud of our choice of Momi studio, as well as the finished apartment. Radostina and Nikola
Review from owners of apartments In the heart of the city I and II
Professionalism! The project for the interior of our apartment, which was made by Momi studio, built our HOME. The overall idea that merges the premises as a whole creates the feeling of calmness. Attention to every single detail makes the implementation of the project easy and affordable. The success of Momi studio is proven by the fact that now that we live in this home, its comfort makes us come home with joy and anticipation for a full rest and warm feelings. The "pastel" river, which "floods" us right from the entrance, washes away the tension accumulated during the day. It's like the tale of the gold and the black river, but our "river" makes you not bad or good, but calm and loved. If a person wants to turn the apartment into a home, he needs love and the help of Momi studio - they will create it with desire and patience!
Review from owner of apartment Pastel
We decided to seek the professional help of an interior design studio when the builder asked us where water outlets would be left and where switches and sockets would be placed, questions we could not answer. We chose Momi Studio because we were captivated by the design of Salon Bistro, and because in their portfolio all the interiors were different, obviously designed for their owner, and each one of them exquisite. The designer Toni Saranedelcheva tilted the scales even more in their favor. Although we had a vision for the home, it was general and somewhat chaotic. With amazing ease, Momi studio felt us, "embedded" us in the interior, not compromising with their sense of aesthetics, and turned the apartment into our home - a home with a spirit, without yet someone having lived in it and leaving a mark you are A home that has everything you need for complete comfort, without anything superfluous. During our journey with Momi Studio, which for us was an inspiring and exciting experience, it was revealed to us why each of their projects is delightful, namely because of the emotions, love and passion they put not only into the process of creating it, but also in its realization. It was our pleasure to leave ourselves entirely in their capable hands.
Review from owner of apartment Anthracite
We express our sincere gratitude to the Momi studio team for the efforts and time they put into the design and implementation of the "Urban Modernism" project. They earn our trust from our first working meeting, with professionalism, optimism and calmness. We appreciate their desire, resilience and dedication in every single detail they create. Their inexhaustible energy and creative dedication contributed to the home becoming a dream come true. The feeling of warmth and coziness that every corner of our home exudes is indescribable. You created a fountain of positive emotions and joy. Each of our guests is delighted with Momi Studio's work on our apartment. We received an individual approach and insight into all our ideas and their further development. The team works quickly and tightly. All the time they listened to our wishes, however bold they were, and worked with passion and responsibility. They developed options and alternatives and quickly managed to build trust. In Momi Studio, you get a full range of possibilities, with which you can find the solutions you are looking for, you get invaluable guidelines and ideas at every stage of the implementation - from the arrangement and functionality to the color harmony and the small details that create the dream coziness and atmosphere . our expectations were justified! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Review from owner of apartment Urban style apartment
The moment I decided to buy an apartment, I knew that I would use the services of a designer. After a long search among friends, acquaintances and the Internet, I settled on MOMI studio. My assignment for them was not easy, I wanted something classic but also modern, something clean but also chic. Momi Studio felt me better than I did myself. With their help and tireless work, things happened. I also highly recommend all the subcontractors the studio works with, from the repair crew, through the various supplier companies, to the furniture company they work with. Now I have a home that I have always dreamed of with a design satisfying my vain and pretentious taste and with a feeling of incredible comfort, coziness and warmth!
Review from owners of apartment BUMBU

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