Apartment Colorful

Designer: Antonia Saranedelcheva
Phase: realized
Characteristic: Apartment 42 m2
Investor: a private person
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Momi Studio with designer Antonia Saranedelcheva designed apartments of 45 m2 area for a woman leading contemporary and dynamic lifestyle. The idea in the mind of the designer is unlocked only one sentence from the owner , "I love the colors !"

The idea always born as a game of the imagination. Like Lego puzzle whose parts are arranged and comprises a complete image. Exact details of these games are involved in the design of living area . In wall composition , TV cabinet , kitchen. Even the composition of the paintings on the wall painted by the artist especially Kalina Toneva, the idea of the designer blend into each other like a puzzle. Light and airspace, but with color accents to create the character of the living room is the decision of this apartment. " Tinkering " continues in the corridor, a smooth transition to the bedroom.

The atmosphere in the bedroom with dressing area, boudoir and private zone. A place where the owner of the pleasure would relax and read your favorite book ...